Since 1993, the Golden Bears have played football directly over the Hayward Fault, which runs from goal post to goal post at California Memorial Stadium. Because of this location, seismic upgrades due to the fault’s ’creep’ were necessary to halt the numerous cracks and gaps that began occurring in the stadium. Saving this structure, which is listed on the U.S. National Registry of Historic Places, was paramount. It was the first facility to require 12” of expansion, compression and lateral movement.


In less than 21 months, we designed, tested and fabricated custom joint cover assemblies for six seismic joint openings around the stadium. The custom stair risers and treads protect football fans and the structure itself should an event occur.

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Project: California Memorial Stadium

Location: Berkeley, CA

Architect: HNTB & STUDIOS architecture

Structural Engineer: Forell/Elsesser Engineers

General Contractor: Webcor Builders

Product: Custom Stair Riser and Treads

Seismic Tread and Riser Cycle Simulation


California Memorial Stadium Facts

st product of its kind

Inch expansion

Months to design, test and fabricate

Stadium capacity