Top Commercial Interior Design Trends for 2023

We are in a time of dichotomy. It’s two steps forward, three steps back, with optimism for the future tempered with concerns about when and if things will return to “normal.” Here is what to watch for as we enter 2023.

Colors to watch

Colors are a delicate balance of neutral tones that represent stability and reliability contrasted with pops of color, reinforcing the idea that things are moving in a positive direction. The palette is also warming and projecting cheerfulness and hopefulness, a pivot away from the sterility of cool grays and darker wood tones.

Colors also continue to be anchored in nature. These neutral tones become the perfect “ground” and foil for the bold, bright color accents. They can hold their own; think of the desert sand bathed in the red-orange glow of sunset.

Blue continues to make inroads as an alternative to long-standing greens, leaf greens (think emeralds), terracotta oranges and reds, and the return of beige and (can you believe it?) brown. These colors will also be paired with white because we still want to know that things are “clean.” On the horizon are soft purples, plums and peach tones.

Interior Design Trends 2023 CS Blog

Design Motifs with a Twist

Striving for normalcy, designers are refreshing design motifs of the past and applying them in new ways in interior spaces. Mid-Century Modern is being paired with soft forms and pastels, while the Memphis style is a jumble of geometric shapes and bold colors. The boho and Age of Aquarius handcrafting give the nod to nature. Consider also the growing trend of terrariums and macrame.

In commercial interiors, these changes create homier spaces and project a viewpoint that is authentic and reflects the region. It’s a means of drawing people into the spaces and getting them in the door after being isolated for so long. They help to confirm their sense of place. We are seeing relaxed style and informality. This spills into how we create spaces. The rules have loosened and there is more freedom to combine more unique elements.

Also, people see their houses as where they live, not just the place they come home to after work. It’s about creating connectedness after a long period of isolation. So, spaces need to meet them where they are.

Interior Design Trends 2023 CS Blog

It’s More than Color

Wood continues to be an important element in interiors and is in line with these warming environments, but graining will become more subdued as we see a growth in real and simulated stones. We’ll also see an increase in pattern in all surfacing materials. This helps build personal style and allows one to inject color into spaces. We’ll also see a mix of materials; soft and hard, textured and smooth.

It’s a time of great creativity for designers and specifiers to break the rules, explore different design styles of the past and interpret them in new ways to create inviting, authentic and inspiring spaces for visitors and inhabitants alike. It will be interesting to see what they come up with!

Interior Design Trends 2023 CS Blog

Laura is a Senior Product Designer at Construction Specialties, primarily supporting color and trend work within our New Product Delivery team. She is responsible for delivering powerful and moving color palettes, textures, patterns, collections, and designs that resonate with an evolving customer.

Laura also conducts research and drives ideation and development activities. She has an extensive history of designing products for the commercial interiors market, including utilizing various design tools and Voice of Customer research to bring products from concept to commercialization. With her passion for learning new things, she constantly seeks out new information that will help her develop products customers will love.

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