• Louvers
    • Who is CENTRIA?

      a. For over a century, CENTRIA has been a leader in the commercial construction industry providing cutting edge, high performance products.  They offer a wide variety of products and services, including a comprehensive line of exterior metal building products that give a dramatic edge to some of the world’s finest commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.


    • How long have CS and CENTRIA been partners?

      a. Our companies began a formal partnership in 2001, and since that time have developed a number of integrated product offerings aimed at providing the highest quality comprehensive building envelope solutions.

    • What louver model/types can be integrated?

      a. All sun control systems and most Storm Resistant, Extreme Weather, Drainable, Non-Drainable, Perform and Bold Line Louvers can be integrated with any of CENTRIA’s Dimension Series Panels.  There are also integrated louver options available for CENTRIA’s MetalWrap insulated backup panels and Super-Rib exposed fastener panels.

    • How do I get integrated details?

      a. Simply contact your local CS Representative, who can provide details and make arrangements for any additional design assistance needed.


    • What are MetalWrap Louvers?

      a. Using the platform of CS models RS-7315 or RS-9615, we make adaptations that allow us to use CENTRIA MetalWrap panels at the inactive areas in place of CS standard blankoff panels.  This allows for better air and water seals, and great improved thermal performance due to the highest quality insulation and full thermal break offered by the CENTRIA panel system.  

    • In what application would I want to use MetalWrap Louvers?

      1. There are three main criteria that we use to identify the right MetalWrap Louver application:
        1. A large louvered area, wherein there is a mix of active and inactive areas with more than 50% of the total area being inactive.
        2. The desired look is a continuous, monolithic louvered appearance with no visual differentiation between the active and inactive areas.
        3. The space behind the louvered area is conditioned.
      2. Adhering to these three criteria will ensure that your building achieves the highest quality product solution, and in many cases realize a significant cost savings vs. the traditional louver and insulated blankoff setup.

    • Who do I contact for pricing?

      a. Contact your local CS Representative for any pricing/budget inquiries.


    • How do I ensure that louvers/sunshades and CENTRIA panels are painted the same color?

      a. Simply specify that all louver/sunshade components match the specific CENTRIA color desired for your project.  CS has developed custom formulations matching the entire range of CENTRIA colors, which can be seen on thousands of projects across the world.

    • Are your integrated louvers AMCA Certified?

      a. Yes!  When integrated with CENTRIA panels, the quintessential components of the louver remain unchanged.  Using modifications to the framework only, we can provide the same air and watertight seals as the CENTRIA insulated metal panel systems.

    • Are your integrated louvers Dade County Certified? 

      a. Yes! The integrated fastening method is Dade County Certified for a variety of models and will maintain all of the same hurricane/impact ratings as the standard connection method.

  • Online Store FAQs General
    • Is my information secure using this site?

      Yes. All personal and confidential information that you submit to all Construction Specialties’ websites is secure. Your connection to all our secure websites is encrypted with 256-bit encryption using TLS 1.0, which is a high-grade encryption technology used by other sites, such as Amazon, Google, and Apple. Your connection is encrypted using AES_256_CBC, with SHA1 for message authentication and DHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism.

      If, at any time, you are uncertain about the security of your connection with our website, simply look for the lock icon in the address bar of your browser. Clicking on the icon will reveal details about the validity, permissions, and type of connection you have with the server.

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  • Online Store FAQs Ordering
    • What payment methods are accepted?

      Currently, we only accept credit cards orders from the C/S Online Store. You may use a card from these credit card providers: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


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  • Online Store FAQs Shipping
    • How are shipping prices determined?

      All prices are in U.S. currency. Price is F.O.B. factory. Freight allowed is for shipments within the contiguous 48 states. All other locations are F.A.S. dock or export point.


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