Headwalls with Acrovyn Wall Panels

Staff and visitors come face-to-face with headwalls on a daily basis. Planning and design of a headwall is essential for creating a room that looks impressive while remaining functional.

Wall Panel Headwall Configurations

Both planning and design of a headwall are essential for creating a room that looks impressive while remaining functional. The configuration options shown below allow for cut outs to address gas, electric and other services that may be required in the field. With Acrovyn Wall Panels, the design options are virtually endless, and your vision will be well protected.

Acrovyn Wall Panels Headwall Focal Configuration; Headwall System
Focal Configuration
Create a headwall directly behind a bed as a design feature that will also protect the wall from abuse.
Acrovyn Wall Panels Headwall Continuum Configuration; Headwall System
Continuum Configuration
This option transforms the entire wall behind the patient bed into a design feature that protects the wall from the bed, carts and additional furniture.

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