The TerraThin Benefit

  • TerraThin Light weight panels Light weight panels

    These panels generate savings in transport, handling, and installation compared to thicker solid slab panels.

  • TerraThin Easy Installation Easy installation

    Manageable tile sizes that install simply with a standard construction adhesive.

  • TerraThin Durable Durable

    TerraThin waterproof panels can handle extreme temperature changes without cracking.

  • TerraThin Easy to Maintain Easy to maintain

    Requires minimal maintenance with an occasional surface sealant.

  • TerraThin Made with Real Stone Made with real stone

    Each one-of-a-kind panel comes to life straight from the quarry.

The Slate Sheet Composition

TerraThin Slate Panel Composition

TerraThin Gallery

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TerraThin Color Options


TerraThin Ash
TerraThin Creek Bed
Creek Bed
TerraThin Desert
TerraThin Drumlin
TerraThin Lunar
TerraThin Midnight Sky
Midnight Sky
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