Saratoga® Wall Systems offer design flexibility and protection.

Our economical Saratoga wall system is ideal for high-traffic areas in nearly any industry, including education, healthcare, senior living, offices, and mixed-use facilities. This wall system consists of Acrovyn® sheet, wall base trim, wainscot trim, vertical trim and corner covers that are easy for any skill level to install and stand the test of time.


Achieve a clean, functional look by customizing trim arrangements to match your building’s aesthetic. Choosing a solid color, a simulated woodgrain, or a fun texture pattern adds variety and intrigue to your walls. All our vertical and horizontal moldings are available in 9'6" (2.9mm) lengths.

Saratoga Wall System Finish Options

Acrovyn Solid Colors

Acrovyn 4000 is available in 68 solid colors.
Acrovyn Solid Colors

Chameleon™ Simulated Patterns

Acrovyn Chameleon is available in 24 simulated wood and metal patterns.
Chameleon Simulated Patterns


It is available in 9 textures.
Acrovyn Texture Collection

Saratoga Wall System Component Details

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Select Horizontal Trims

Select Vertical Trims

Select Corner Options

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