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The new Acrovyn by Design® Metallics collection illuminates a space by adding light reflection and color movement to interior walls. With a variety of colors and finish options combined with a metallic layer, a unique high-end aesthetic is easy to achieve all while keeping the space protected. Available in both sheet and panel products, the Metallics collection brings an extra level of luxury to interiors, whether adding a subtle elegance or making a bold color statement.

Product Sheet
metallic swish 300x234.png

Add Light and Movement


Select any of the 69 pattern/color combinations and visualize your selection in the scene.

ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Silver
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Sterling
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Gunmetal
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Lemon Drop
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Orange Crush
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Lipstick
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Amethyst
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Regal Purple
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Royal
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Aegean
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Appletini
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Lime Juice
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Light Bronze
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Mid Bronze
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Dark Bronze
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Gold
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Copper
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Rose
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Dusty Violet
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Sky Blue
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Navy
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Mist
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Wheat Grass
ABD Metallics Hatch Silver
ABD Metallics Hatch Sterling
ABD Metallics Hatch Gunmetal
ABD Metallics Hatch Lemon Drop
ABD Metallics Hatch Orange Crush
ABD Metallics Hatch Lipstick
ABD Metallics Hatch Amethyst
ABD Metallics Hatch Regal Purple
ABD Metallics Hatch Royal
ABD Metallics Hatch Aegean
ABD Metallics Hatch Appletini
ABD Metallics Hatch Lime Juice
ABD Metallics Hatch Light Bronze
ABD Metallics Hatch Mid Bronze
ABD Metallics Hatch Dark Bronze
ABD Metallics Hatch Gold
ABD Metallics Hatch Copper
ABD Metallics Hatch Rose
ABD Metallics Hatch Dusty Violet
ABD Metallics Hatch Sky Blue
ABD Metallics Hatch Navy
ABD Metallics Hatch Mist
ABD Metallics Hatch Wheat Grass
ABD Metallics Solid Silver
ABD Metallics Solid Sterling
ABD Metallics Solid Gunmetal
ABD Metallics Solid Lemon Drop
ABD Metallics Solid Orange Crush
ABD Metallics Solid Lipstick
ABD Metallics Solid Amethyst
ABD Metallics Solid Regal Purple
ABD Metallics Solid Royal
ABD Metallics Solid Aegean
ABD Metallics Solid Appletini
ABD Metallics Solid Lime Juice
ABD Metallics Solid Light Bronze
ABD Metallics Solid Mid Bronze
ABD Metallics Solid Dark Bronze
ABD Metallics Solid Gold
ABD Metallics Solid Copper
ABD Metallics Solid Rose
ABD Metallics Solid Dusty Violet
ABD Metallics Sky Blue
ABD Metallics Solid Navy
ABD Metallics Solid Mist
ABD Metallics Solid Wheat Grass
coarse weave swatch 310x46.jpg Coarse Weave
hatch swatch 310x46.jpg Hatch
solid swatch 310x46.jpg Solid
Metallics Silver Coarse Weave Silver
Metallics Sterling Coarse Weave Sterling
Metallics Gunmetal Coarse Weave Gunmetal
Metallics Lemon Drop Coarse Weave Lemon Drop
Metallics Orange Crush Coarse Weave Orange Crush
Metallics Lipstick Coarse Weave Lipstick
Amethyst Metallics Coarse Weave Amethyst
Metallics Regal Purple Coarse Weave Regal Purple
Metallics Royal Coarse Weave Royal
ABD Metallics Coarse Weave Algean Coarse Weave Aegean
Appletini Metallics Coarse Weave Appletini
Metallics Lime Juice Coarse Weave Lime Juice
Metallics Light Bronze Coarse Weave Light Bronze
Metallics Mid Bronze Coarse Weave Mid Bronze
Metallics Dark Bronze Coarse Weave Dark Bronze
Metallics Gold Coarse Weave Gold
Copper Metallics Coarse Weave Copper
Metallics Rose Coarse Weave Rose
Metallics Dusty Violet Coarse Weave Dusty Violet
Metallics Sky Blue Coarse Weave Sky Blue
Metallics Navy Coarse Weave Navy
Metallics Mist Coarse Weave Mist
Metallics Wheat Grass Coarse Weave Wheat Grass
Metallics Silver Hatch Silver
Metallics Sterling Hatch Sterling
Metallics Gunmetal Hatch Gunmetal
Metallics Lemon Drop Hatch Lemon Drop
Metallics Orange Crush Hatch Orange Crush
Metallics Lipstick Hatch Lipstick
Metallics Amethyst Hatch Amethyst
Metallics Regal Purple Hatch Regal Purple
Metallics Royal Hatch Royal
Metallics Algean Hatch Aegean
Metallics Appletini Hatch Appletini
Metallics Lime Juice Hatch Lime Juice
Metallics Light Bronze Hatch Light Bronze
Metallics Mid Bronze Hatch Mid Bronze
Metallics Dark Bronze Hatch Dark Bronze
Metallics Gold Hatch Gold
Metallics Copper Hatch Copper
Metallics Rose Hatch Rose
Metallics Dusty Violet Hatch Dusty Violet
Metallics Sky Blue Hatch Sky Blue
Metallics Navy Hatch Navy
Metallics Mist Hatch Mist
Metallics Wheat Grass Hatch Wheat Grass
Metallics Silver Solid Silver
Metallics Sterling Solid Sterling
Metallics Gunmetal Solid Gunmetal
Metallics Lemon Drop Solid Lemon Drop
Metallics Orange Crush Solid Orange Crush
Metallics Lipstick Solid Lipstick
Metallics Amethyst Solid Amethyst
Metallics Regal Purple Solid Regal Purple
Metallics Royal Solid Royal
Metallics Algean Solid Aegean
Metallics Appletini Solid Appletini
Metallics Lime Juice Solid Lime Juice
Metallics Light Bronze Solid Light Bronze
Metallics Mid Bronze Solid Mid Bronze
Metallics Dark Bronze Solid Dark Bronze
Metallics Gold Solid Gold
Metallics Copper Solid Copper
Metallics Rose Solid Rose
Metallics Dusty Violet Solid Dusty Violet
Metallics Sky Blue Solid Sky Blue
Metallics Navy Solid Navy
Metallics Mist Solid Mist
Metallics Wheat Grass Solid Wheat Grass

Features + Benefits

  • metallics visual options

    3 visual options in 23 colorways, providing over 60 different combinations

  • Metallics available as sheet and wall panels

    Available as sheet and wall panels

  • metallics undertones

    Metallic undertone adds a silver shimmer to Acrovyn by Design sheet

  • CS Hush Curtain design

    Acrovyn has been proven to provide protection against heavy wear and tear

  • half the cost.png

    Cost alternative to real metals

  • works with all.png

    Coordinates beautifully with entire Acrovyn line to create a visual statement


Wall Panels
Wall Panels

A reimagined offering of functional and aesthetic improvements allows for use of Acrovyn Wall Panels in a variety of spaces with protective and decorative needs and seamlessly incorporates our new Metallics collection.

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Wall Covering
Wall Covering

Acrovyn provides many designer wall covering profiles, colors, patterns, woodgrains and metals, and now the Metallics collection, artfully fusing Acrovyn wall protection and a metallic undertone, that enhance interiors while protecting them.

See all Wall Coverings
Dimensional Moldings

Our Dimensional Moldings system is ideal for high traffic areas. Key to the system is our .040" Acrovyn sheets, available in a variety of solid colors, woodgrains, Tapestry and our Metallics collection.

See Dimensional Moldings System

Metallic Pattern Options

Hover over each block to reveal that pattern's illuminating effects.

Metallic Pattern Options

Coarse Weave

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