The High-Rise Boom

and the competitive First Impression

Since the year 2000, over 4,000 new high-rise residential and mixed-use buildings have been built in the major metropolitan U.S. cities. This building type represents one of the fastest growing markets in the construction industry today. Why? Generation Xers and Millennials are getting high-paying jobs and want to live in urban settings where they can be close to shops, restaurants and offices. More and more companies are also relocating to these major cities. A short commute to work is a major benefit for their employees.

Because of the popularity and demand for these condos, rents have skyrocketed to record levels. The national average in recent years is $1,670.00 per month. As a result, building owners have become more competitive in trying to persuade high-paying tenants to commit to their properties. Prospective tenants are looking to be impressed not only with a building’s aesthetics, but also with perks such as access to on-site gyms, spas, and even green spaces on the roof.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

High-end residences and mixed-use buildings require top-of-the-line finishes, not only in the tenant spaces, but in public spaces as well. An upscale first impression is the goal of any architect, interior designer and developer, and a lot of money is invested to make that case. Everything, from flooring to wall covering, lighting and even artwork contributes to a building’s brand.

One area that can easily be overlooked in the design phase is an entrance flooring system (walk-off mats). It is important to recognize an entrance flooring system’s functional, effective role in such a heavily-travelled and prominent location. Not only must it look good, it must also remove the dirt, water and grime from occupant’s footwear to prevent it from traveling further into a building. Too often these systems are an afterthought and only get installed in the form of carpet tiles or a throw-down mat after a building opens. Those systems are often ineffective, failing to trap the dirt at the door and quickly becoming saturated, soiled and worn out. Once that happens, the desired effect of the first impression is compromised.

As the high-rise residential and mixed-use trend increases, so will the need to differentiate one property from many others that feature clean and beautiful entrance lobbies. Don’t let your architectural vision be ruined by a throw-down carpet mat or tile. Entrance flooring systems should not be an afterthought but should contribute to good building design.

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Construction Specialties has experience creating solutions for high-traffic, upscale areas. Our longlasting entrance flooring products cover every range of aesthetic needs and budgets with endless options to provide effective, working systems that keep interiors clean and beautiful year after year.

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