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Hospital Curtain Track System

From ambulatory surgery centers to podiatry clinics, our hospital curtain track systems are made to easily integrate into a variety of clinical applications. Suspended and surface mounted track systems are available to ensure the right product selection for your space.

Unique Solution

Conflicting Patient Lift Track / Cubicle Track

In healthcare facilities, workers need access to patients so they can move them to and from the bathroom and bed. However, there is one problem that makes this process difficult: the proposed path of the cubicle curtain track and patient lift track often conflict with one another. Moving a patient with a ceiling lift is hard to do when there is an aluminum curtain track in the way.

Construction Specialties offers easy, simple solutions to circumvent this seemingly difficult problem.

Contact one of our product specialists today to review conditions for your application and the best system to use.

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Surface Mounted Anodized Aluminum Track

Our standard track is a dual channel extruded aluminum track that is 1-3/8" wide x 3/4" deep. It features a consistently smooth, snag-free operation.


  • #6062 - Anodized

Details Specs


Surface Mounted White Track

This 1-3/8” wide x ¾” deep track features a white baked enamel Polycron/Duracron paint finish.This finish meets or exceeds the performance requirements of AAMA603 specifications.


  • #6062W - White

Details Specs


Narrowline Surface Mounted Track

Our new Narrowline anodized aluminum track is 29/32” wide by 11/16" deep. It also provides smooth snag-free operation.


  • #NL6062 - Narrowline

Details Specs


Suspended Mounted Track

This track system includes ¾” square aluminum hangers with suspension brackets made of molded nylon (white or aluminum color). Suspension brackets are available in varying heights depending on track conditions.


  • #6663 - Anodized track
  • #6663W - White track
  • #NL6663 - Narrowline



These 6” track splices are used where one-piece sections are not long enough or where radius and straight track connects. Available in white or anodized satin aluminum.


  • #862 - Anodized track
  • #862W - White track
  • #NL862 - Narrowline



90° Bends

This bend is for use around doors or by corners. Standard length is 2'x2'. Custom lengths available. Available in white or anodized aluminum.


  • #90B4 - Anodized track
  • #90B4W - White track
  • #NL90B4 - Narrowline


18/20 Offsets

Used to wrap track around the foot of the bed, the 30°- 45° bends are supplied 2' x 2' or in custom lengths.Available in white or anodized aluminum.


  • #762 - Anodized track
  • #762W - White track
  • #NL762 - Narrowline


45° Bends

This bend is for use around doors or by corners. Standard length is 2’x2’. Custom lengths available. Available in white or anodized aluminum.


  • #45B4 - Anodized track
  • #45B4W - White track
  • #NL45B4 - Narrowline


Carrier Gate

The carrier gate assembly is used at all curtain stacking points. Assembled with a machine screw, the carrier gate provides easy insertion or removal of carrier. Available in white or satin aluminum molded nylon.


  • #262 - Anodized track
  • #262W - White track
  • #NL262 - Narrowline

6062 Track Details Narrowline Track Details


Carrier Stop

The carrier stop is used at the ends of curtain tracks or bends. Made of molded nylon our stops are finished to match track color.


  • #162 - Anodized track
  • #162W - White track
  • #NL162 - Narrowline


Wall Sockets

This component is designed to secure suspended mounted track systems to the wall. Available in white or anodized aluminum.


  • #2063 - Anodized track
  • #2063W - White track
  • #NL2063 - Narrowline

Installing A Hospital Track System

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