Hospital infections kill more Americans each year than AIDS, car accidents and breast cancer combined.

Hospital room cleanliness is critical in preventing patients from contracting serious infections yet the changing of cubicle curtains is often overlooked. A study published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology found that a high percentage of hospital curtains were contaminated with MRSA, VRE and C-Diff.

Further study found that each of these organisms was transferred to the hands of hospital workers.

With close to 18,000 deaths in the United States alone, it is clear that the cleaning of cubicle curtains to reduce the risk of infection is essential.

C/S Cubicle Curtains offers healthcare facilities easy ways to help them keep their cubicle curtains clean.

Read more about how we make it easy for you to reduce hospital infections.

Traditional Curtains

Traditional Curtains

A cubicle curtain and track system for every type of room and ceiling condition.

Since the early 1960s, C/S Cubicle Curtains have been the industry standard for high quality privacy curtain and track systems. Manufactured from a beautiful array of textiles from the world’s most renown fabric producers, C/S Cubicle Curtains delivers the finest in quality and visual appeal.

Quality makes the difference. All C/S Cubicle Curtains are manufactured using double needle interlock tailoring. This process ensures durability, and the curtains will have a finished look on both sides where the nylon mesh meets the curtain.

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Snap Lock Curtain System

Snap Lock Curtains

A modular cubicle curtain system that allows you to remove the fabric portion of the curtain for regular washings.

This curtain system eliminates the hassles and dangers of removing cubicle curtains from ceiling mounted track systems.

And Snap Lock curtains are designed to be modular, so a facility can buy dozens of the same curtain in a specific size and use them interchangeably from room to room.

This affords the hospital an easy way to manage its curtains and to always have spares on hand. And modular curtains can save facilities money, by not having to purchase a lot of custom or different size curtains.

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C/S On The Right Track

C/S On The Right Track Curtains

On The Right Track patented hookless system provides the ultimate in form and function.

Functionally designed curtain rings are integrated in the curtain fabric and are designed to mount directly onto the straight or radius track There are no more hooks, chains, snags and noise, and they allow you to remove or install your curtain in seconds.

With our special track adaptors you can adapt your existing track with C/S On The Right Track’s silent guide rails, saving you the cost of buying a new track system.

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Disposable Curtains

Disposable Curtains

Disposable Cubicle Curtains are perfect for critical care, isolations and emergency areas in healthcare facilities.

C/S Disposable Curtains look just like fabric curtains and are cost effective when compared with the life-cycle cost of traditional fabric curtains.

C/S Disposable Curtains are manufactured from 100% recyclable material that is 99% biodegradable and meets NFPA 701 standards. They come available in both traditional style curtains and On the Right Track (color and pattern options vary by curtain type).

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Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

C/S can supply you with both highly fashionable and functional custom made shower curtains.

All curtains will complement any patient room or healthcare facility while ensuring all compliances are met.

Shower Shield’s subtle tones will enhance and freshen up any décor while Sure-chek can be used as a simple liner to repel water or with an added decorative fabric for a personal touch.

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Custom Design Cubicle Curtains

Custom Design Cubicle Curtains

Custom manufactured cubicle curtains allow for unlimited customization and applications.

The attention to details is evident, whether you specify one of our standard fabrics or a custom designer fabric from any textile house.

Custom Fabrics We consistently deal with the world’s finest textile companies, including Maharam, Architex, Design Tex, Interspec, Design/Craft and Carnegie. Whichever custom fabric you select for your project; C/S can supply it effortlessly to your exact specifications.

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Cubicle Curtain Tracks

Track Systems

Track Systems Photo

C/S Cubicle Track Systems are heavy duty tracks that come in many sizes, profiles, and colors to fit your application.

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Track Carriers & Hardware

Track Carriers & Hardware Photo

C/S offers a variety of track carriers and accessories to make your track system complete.

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I.V. Carriers & Pendants

I.V. Carriers & Pendants Photo

C/S Cubicle Curtains & Tracks have I.V. Carriers & Pendants which are popular options to accommodate your requirements.

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C/S Cubicle Curtains

C/S Cubicle Curtains offers four easy ways to keep your facility clean and germ free. Choose from a wide variety of products including our new C/S On The Right Track hookless curtain and track system.

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