Acrovyn® Doors — Bacteria & Fungal-Resistant

Doors in high traffic areas are exposed to a variety of bacteria, especially in healthcare facilities. To combat this, Acrovyn Doors are made with durable, easy-to-clean Acrovyn that is proven to resist bacteria and fungal growth.

Acrovyn Doors are equipped with rounded, replaceable edges that create a seam on the face of the door. For our customers’ peace of mind, we had our door construction tested for any potential bacteria growth. A third party testing organization exposed Acrovyn Door samples to E. coli, then cleaned them using the recommended procedure after an incubation period of 24 hours.

The Results?
Our door construction was tested in triplicate for two common types of bacteria. All tests resulted in a growth rating of zero, meaning there was no observed growth during the testing process.

Acrovyn Door

Acrovyn Door samples were also tested against two standards for
bacteria and fungal resistance.


ASTM G22 - 1996:
Standard Practice for
Determining Resistance
of Plastics to Bacteria

Tested for:
1 Organism Species

Growth Rating: 0
(no observed growth)

ASTM G21 - 2013:
Standard Practice for
Determining Resistance
of Synthetic Polymeric
Materials to Fungi

Tested for:
5 Organism Species

Growth Rating: 0
(no observed growth)

Download this page as a PDF

For complete testing documentation, please call 800.416.6586 or

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