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Acrovyn Wall Panels are the answer to the industry's need for a custom, easily installed wall panel system. A reimagined offering of functional and aesthetic improvements allows for use of Acrovyn Wall Panels in a variety of spaces with protective and decorative needs. From our solid color offering to our Chameleon™ simulated patterns and Acrovyn by Design®, interior environments have visual freedom when it comes to design possibilities.


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Wall Panel Configuration Options

Acrovyn Wall Panels can be incorporated into a variety of designs. For your next project, consider some of the inspirational wall panel layouts you see here and throughout our see it in place section that other panel systems may not offer.

Wall Panel Edge Options

Suitable for both permanent adhesive and the demountable Sure Snap™ System, wall panels are available in three edge selections designed to work with our trim and reveal options.

Every wall panel is UL Classified B/2 and include a moisture-resistant barrier and can be incorporated into a variety of designs that will keep walls beautiful and damage free.

Wall Panel Finish Options

Acrovyn Solid Colors

Acrovyn 4000 is free of PVC and PBTs. It is available in 68 solid colors.
Acrovyn Solid Colors

Chameleon™ Simulated Patterns

Acrovyn Chameleon is free of PVC and PBTs. It is available in 24 Acrovyn Chameleon simulated wood and metal patterns.
Chameleon Simulated Patterns

Acrovyn by Design® Finish

Photographs, logos, patterns and more can be reverse printed behind Acrovyn rigid sheet, serving as a protective shield and providing impact resistant wall protection.
Acrovyn by Design

Wall Panel Trim Options

Picture Frame

Thin Frame

Wall Panel Reveal Options

Recessed Reveal

Butt Joint

Wall Panel Depth Options

image description

Dimensional Relief

Demountable panels can be 3/4" (standard), 1" or 2" deep; permanent adhesive panels are 3/8" deep only. Both are 3/8" substrate laminated with .040" PVC-free rigid sheet.

Wall Panel Mounting Options

NEW Sure Snap™ System

3/4" (standard 46" x 118") up to 2" deep

NEW Sure Snap™ System

Permanent Adhesive

3/8" deep only (47" x 119")

Permanent Adhesive

Headwall Panel Options

image description

Headwalls With Acrovyn Wall Panels

Staff and visitors come face-to-face with headwalls on a daily basis. This means the planning and design of a headwall is essential for creating a room that looks impressive while remaining functional.

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