Spring Launch '21

A deep dive into all the interior solutions CS developed in 2020-21. Refresh your palette with new colors, curtains & Acrovyn by Design® collections, and see how those offerings coordinate with our timeless favorites to create an updated, modern look.


  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How did you arrive at your new palette of Acrovyn Solid Colors?

      CS did extensive research in the process of determining the colors to include in the 2021 Spring launch. We evaluated our existing line and determined which hues were the strongest and where we saw some gaps that needed to be filled in based on color forecasting.  We looked at the other CS product finishes to create a fully harmonized color system.  And finally, we went out into the market to see what resonated with designers and architects to ensure that our new pallet encompassed colors that fit their needs.

    • How did you determine how to break out your new colors?

      Our new colors will be included in our two solid color pins sets.  We have broken these out into Neutrals and Tinted Neutrals / Colors.   When the tinted neutrals stand alone, they have a bit of color.  When they are paired with a neutral, they pull more of their color and when used beside a vibrant color, they tend to pull more of their neutral tones.   A great opportunity to introduce color that is neutral enough to be a canvas to build upon. Our hope is that by splitting the color categories, you will find it easier to reference the needed color when specifying our standard products.  Any of these new solid colors can be used exactly as you would have specified the previous color line.

    • How many combinations do you offer in the Acrovyn by Design Metallics Collection?

      Three visual options with 24 different colorways provide 72 different combinations. Feel free to experiment with all of them in our fun visualizer tool featured on the Metallics landing page. https://www.c-sgroup.com/acrovyn-wall-coverings-and-panels/acrovyn-by-design/metallics.

    • What type of trim would you use with Metallics?

      We have two aluminum trim profiles (radius and flat) as well as several color options or you can use clear caulk.  You also are not limited to using this as a sheet with our aluminum trims but also with our adhesive and demountable wall panels.

    • What is the purpose and benefits of developing a CSelect Disposable Curtain line?

      These disposables aren’t meant to be replications of the fabric curtains, but stylized versions. They will work as companions. This is perfect in an environment where disposables are called for. Facilities may use disposable curtains in a variety of locations and for a variety of reasons. Think of Intensive Care Units, Burn Units,  Emergency Room areas - that's one of the most common ones. Post Op areas where infection control is crucial.  Hospitals that have a contract laundry service and send out more than anticipated and may not have enough stock – disposables can be a great alternate back up option.

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