Chemicals Policy ISO 14001



The demand for environmentally responsible and relevant building products is growing rapidly. Building owners, architects, contractors and building occupants want products made with chemicals that have low to no toxicity and which at the end of the product lifecycle are used to create new products and/or materials.


As we daily seek to fulfill our Corporate Mission to become the globally recognized source for integrated design solutions that redefine architecture, following our vision, "Making buildings better", we herein subscribe to these four primary guiding principles as the foundation of our Chemicals Policy.

  1. Know and disclose product chemistry. We will identify the substances associated with and used in our products across their lifecycle and will increase as appropriate the transparency of the chemical constituents of our products, including public disclosure of chemicals of high concern and 3rd party certification(s). Please note that substances deemed confidential will not be identified or disclosed to the public.
  2. Assess and avoid hazards. We will determine the hazard characteristics of chemical constituents and formulations in our products, use chemicals with inherently low hazard potential whenever possible, prioritize chemicals of high concern for elimination, minimize exposure when hazards cannot be prevented, and redesign products and processes to avoid the use and generation of hazardous chemicals
  3. Commit to continuous improvement. We will establish operational governance structures; policies and practices that create a framework for the regular review of product and process chemistry, and that promote the use of chemicals, processes, and the redesign/creation of products with inherently lower hazard potential.
  4. Support public policies and industry standards that: advance the implementation of the above three principles, ensure that comprehensive hazard data are available for chemicals on the market, take action to eliminate or reduce known hazards and promote a greener economy, including support for green chemistry research and education

The above four principles shall be managed and acted upon within our ISO 14001 structure and audited accordingly for ongoing compliance.

CS reserves the right to disclose, or not disclose, its confidential business information. It is the intent of this Chemicals Policy that products requiring confidentiality be vetted by our 3rd Party Certification consultant to ensure alignment with this Policy. 3rd Party Certifications may be made available upon written request.


Implementation will occur over a period of time.


CHANGES. If we decide to change our Chemicals Policy, we will post those changes on this page, and/or update the privacy policy modification date below.


This policy was last modified on 7/31/2017


CONTACTING US . If there are any questions regarding this Chemicals Policy you may contact us using the information below.

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