Texas Children's Hospital The Woodlands


FKP and CannonDesign are longtime design and architecture partners with Texas Children’s Hospital. Designers knew they needed wall protection that would function without fail in several anticipated high-traffic areas with differing dimensions, including long, curved walls and elevator cabs. The product needed to be visually striking, engaging, and customizable for wayfinding services. Patient rooms needed privacy curtains that would match the whimsical, eye-catching aesthetic that designers wanted to curate. The curtains needed to be tough on germs, resistant to hospital-associated infections (HAIs), and easy for maintenance staff to remove and launder.


In addition to tackling the building’s maintenance demands, Acrovyn by Design was selected for its customization capabilities. While the facility was hesitant because of budget constraints, these impact-resistant, colorful murals proved themselves an integral part of the design. It was used on each floor in different variations that fell within the same “Spirit of the Woods” theme, which pays homage to local flora. “The flowers and pines [shown in the artwork] are indigenous to The Woodlands. It’s all native botany,” said Kip Altstaetter of CS Gulf Coast, the hospital’s local CS Sales Representative.

Acrovyn by Design wall protection can be found outside elevators and throughout corridors with a complementing color that is prominent, acting as a wayfinding guide. This nature-inspired wall protection is also highlighted in the hospital’s main lobby and inside elevators in a quirky, eye-catching arrangement. “[The murals] are an iconic part of the building and help kids associate where they are,” Kopp said of each floor’s unique wall protection. “We can show children and their parents that they’re on the orange floor, or the blue floor.”

“Graphics were a big part of our end goal,” added Colette DeJean, Interior Designer with CannonDesign. “Acrovyn by Design is protection in itself. It gave our client the peace of mind and durability that they needed for a graphic.”

Designers also paid special attention to the contents of patient rooms. They selected CS cubicle curtains to adorn several spaces within the hospital with brightly colored fabrics that incorporated fun, whimsical designs. These curtains help prevent the spread of healthcare associated infections, are easy for the staff to maintain, and provide privacy for patients and their families. The beauty of Acrovyn by Design and CS cubicle curtains is in the details. Through careful attention and collaboration, Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands has wall protection and privacy curtains that meet their design goals and provide an appealing, protective environment for healing.

Project: Texas Children's Hospital The Woodlands

Location: The Woodlands, TX

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Texas Children’s Hospital is a comprehensive pediatric healthcare complex in The Woodlands, Texas. It was constructed to expand its renowned healthcare into the suburbs, providing inpatient care, diagnostic services, and ambulatory care to The Woodlands community.

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